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Why Big Lake Online

Flexible Online Learning Program that Fosters a Culture of Connection

Big Lake Online is a flexible K-12 online learning program that offers  full-time (K-12) and part-time  (6-12) options for students all across Minnesota. We offer the best of both worlds for those looking for an alternative to the traditional classroom: a flexible self-paced learning environment with full access to support and programs provided by Big Lake Schools. 

Because virtual learning can be limited in nature, we collaborate with our in-person schools to guarantee a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for all of our students.

Unlike many online programs, our staff make student connection a priority, and Big Lake Online is deeply embedded into the Big Lake Schools culture. We believe our Online students are proud to be Hornets, and will do everything we can to connect with and support your student!

Learn More about what makes us unique and why our families and students choose Big Lake Online!


Randi Anderson
Big Lake Online Administrator

Nathan Hamrin
Big Lake Online Coordinator

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We like just about everything about Edgenuity (Big Lake Online).  We are grateful for you and the opportunity to do school differently from the traditional classroom. We love Big Lake Schools!Parent of a Big Lake Online 2nd Grader

Flexibility that Fits All Student Situations

Many families choose Big Lake Online because of it’s flexibility and how it supports all family and personal life situations. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach; students can build the school day around their schedule. 

Students may split time between two houses, have a medical concern that causes them to miss a lot of school, need to work during the day, or find that traditional in-person learning isn’t working for them due to social anxiety or other reasons. No matter the reason, Big Lake Online allows to complete their education whenever and whereever they are. 

Depending on the individual needs and services of our students, and the preferences of the student and their family, a fully online, partially online, or all in-person schedule will be created to set the student up for success. Flexibility between learning modes is also possible during trimester breaks when needed and best for the student.

Rigorous Curriculum & Personalized Student Support

We are committed to promoting success and creating passionate, engaged K-12 students who are ready to take on real world experiences. Our staff go above and beyond to meet our students where they are at.

We offer a rigorous self-paced curriculum fully aligned with state standards, and all students receive individualized support and personalized coaching and highly-qualified licensed Big Lake teachers. In addition, students receive Social Emotional Learning (SEL) support from social workers and counselors, as well as technology support for district-issued devices.

Culture of Connection & Broad Range of Student Opportunities

We know that social engagement is so important in student development which is why we make it a priority throughout the year to make all students feel like a Big Lake Hornet. Online students have all of the same opportunities and resources available to them as every other Big Lake Schools student.

At the K-5 level, we regularly hold regular Zoom meetings and monthly in-person activities where we  play games, exercise, dance, make art, and just have fun connecting and learning with each other. 

Secondary students are invited to participate in all school-sponsored events and activities, including MSHSL activities, school dances, and our high school REAL college and career readiness program, which prepares students for life after high school by connecting learning in the classroom with real-world applications in the workplace. Seniors have the option to walk across the stage at our graduation ceremony, celebrating their accomplishments with the rest of their graduating class.

girl working on computer in Big Lake High School Online room
Big Lake Online K-5 Class on Zoom Call

“I chose to take online classes because I am a very independent person so it is just very good for my work style. I am also an athlete, so I am missing a lot of the end hours of the day, so having online is just easier for me to get it all done at home.”Part-Time Big Lake Online High School Student

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